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Quorum by

A Complete TCP/IP Management package which breaks away from traditional security based systems. This cost effective scalable solution, offer total total client configuration and reliability and takes advantage of existing equipment and infrastructures.

Connects and enrolls cards and Sagem Biometric Readers for staff

Badger by

Simply said "it prints cards easily and quickly!"

Provides clients with the ability to database import staff details, and print to whatever format is required. Designed with a sophisticated interface that enables first time users to establish control of all design stages, as well as for the established users with perhaps a greater depth of understanding.

The simple and intuitive interface is unrivalled. Users will find that the setting up of the database and combining the images and associated text data has never been simpler, whether single print or flow batch processing. Even better, all application software is South African and the solutions are designed for the South African market.

Navigo by

Strong Authentication is now practical for ALL. naviGO is a cost-effective solution that simplifies deployment of strong authentication and manages the lifecycle of strong authentication user credentials including Crescendo smart cards (with digital certificates), iCLASS smart cards, Prox cards and Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA).

Built on Microsoft .NET, naviGO Server is the first credential management solution that is practical for both large and small organizations. No longer are organizations required to become experts in encryption and complicated security technology to effectively provide strong authentication to network infrastructure. Just as you do not expect your employees to become locksmiths to open a door, they should not need to become security experts to authenticate to computer systems.

Sagem Integrator Software
Access 2000
Assure ID by
Fargo Card Identity Systems combine our reliable card printer/encoders with Asure ID software, materials and a long list of accessories. The result is a highly productive system that not only makes personalized credentials, but efficiently manages the entire issuance process
Comwin 5 by
For single location licences, complete software (incl. CCS) is installed on a PC including all plans, icons and installation. All desk system functions of the Intercom System are displayed on one or on several screens. In network versions a Commend Communication Server (CCS) is connected to the Intercom Server in which various users (clients) can use the saved plans and icons via the IP network. Projects are centrally coordinated.

Assure ID by

Asure ID Solo Simple, entry-level card personalization software
Asure ID Express Powerful, stand alone card personalization software.
Asure ID Enterprise Card personalization for multiple workstations sharing a common database
Asure ID Exchange Support for more sophisticated secure credential applications, providing advanced smart card functionality


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