Dealer Workshop


Dealer Workshop

EMS – who are we

EMS, a distributor of IP based intercoms and speakers, cards, readers, biometrics and parking guidance solutions. We assist clients by listening to and understanding their business so that by implementing any of our solutions enhance value and creates greater stability and wealth.

ems – products powered to customers by our partners

Our workshops are designed to empower you and your business to communicate better with your clients and establish an arena where both of you are rewarded with a successful outcome to a purchase.

Clients are not mystical, It is not complicated, they are us.They are NOT simply a deal waiting to happen, they have a story and it is our task, above all others, to listen, engage and motivate the client to reveal their story, so that your solution enables them to imagine themselves in the success of purchase.

Our workshops will empower you as a GUIDE with knowledge of client engagement and how to apply our ideas and solutions.

We will provide you with a plan, like a service level agreement but simple key points that are our guarantee of how we will do business now and into the future, and what it means to be in sync with us. The Agreement Plan is 5 things you can 100% count on when you deal with us,

The Agreement Plan

  1. Product Solution and Design.
  2. Train your staff on our philosophy.
  3. Remote & Telephonic Support.
  4. Integrity of the product supply chain.
  5. To be a Guide to you now and in the future.

Our workshops will empower you as a GUIDE with knowledge of client engagement and how to apply our ideas and solutions.

Customers are us. It does NOT matter whether the product is

  • Newer.
  • Cheaper.
  • Shinier.
  • More user Friendly.
  • More desirable.

At this time, I will not spend any of my remaining wealth on an unnecessary purchase.
So in my mind, I need reasons to make the purchase viable, so :-

– Identify your customers problem (specific)(a pain point)(sound bite)
– Explain your plan to help them (you can name your product) (make it feel like a new idea)(brief)(easy to understand) here’s what we do to solve the problem…
– Describe a successful ending to their story (the controlling idea)(everyone focused to this plan)(happy)(peace of mind)(peaceful experience)

The Partner Benefits after Sales & Technical workshop completion are:-

  1. 10% additional Commend discount by becoming a Gold Dealer.
  2. Excel Quotation Pricebook to enable immediate pricing of solutions.
  3. Access to Commend online document library.
  4. Web Site Engagement to EMS Partner Zone.
  5. Access to Projects Registration Form (PRF).
  6. Certificate of Business status.
  7. Certificate of Personnel status.
  8. Preview of New product road map.
  9. Design Service.
  10. Client support visits
  11. Access to our Commend demo stock
  12. Access to Cyril (our Commend Demo Board)
  13. Discounted Commend demo stock items.
  14. Discounted purchase of Cyril (our Commend Demo Board)
  15. Partner Monthly Teams Meet
  16. Proof of Concept project documentation templates.
  17. Schematic Designer.
  18. Remote system analysis and configuration.