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Visitor Management Software and Systems from EasyLobby

For over 14 years, EasyLobby has been providing customers and partners with the industry's most affordable, feature-rich, customizable, and easy to use Visitor Management solutions, including software, hardware peripherals and badge stock.

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Suprema Sign On - PC Solutions

SUPREMA’s innovative products are engineered from our leading technology, quality design and manufacturing. Our biometric technologies don't just meet, but well exceed customers’ expectations. Our innovation leads the market and changes the whole industry.

With SUPREMA the technology becomes your success Suprema is a leading global provider of biometric recognition and identity management solutions, with representation in 100 countries and distribution of over half a million fingerprint products worldwide.

Designed for general business and security purposes, including fingerprint OEM modules, live capture and passport solutions, access control devices, time & attendance systems and software, Suprema more than lives up to its name.

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iClass Elite configured and programmed in SA

When using iCLASS contactless smart card technology, the iCLASS Elite Program offers security professionals a custom authentication key that provide increase to their existing security. HID assigns the key to guarantee uniqueness, and programs the site-specific readers and credentials for organizations to use across the enterprise worldwide. The mutual authentication and encryption features of the technology enhance the "peace of mind" offered by this solution.


Iclass Elite from EMS provides Africa with quick supply and typically cheaper cards than the standard iClass cards.

ems Elite - Higher Security At A Cheaper Price

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New HID readers, credentials enable identity across platforms
Cards, keyfobs, smart phones available with iCLASS SE

A new line of readers and credentials from HID Global makes technology-independent digital keys and portable identity credentials a reality for access control markets. The iCLASS Secure Identity Object-Enabled platform (iCLASS SE) enables credentials to be deployed on smart phones, contactless smart cards, contact chip cards, USB tokens and other devices.

This is an evolution in security technology, says Brad Jarvis, vice president of product marketing at HID Global. Twenty-years ago proximity technology was the de facto standard for physical access and then the last decade saw the rise of contactless smart cards.

“The emergence of smart card technology expanded the security, usability and capabilities of the cards but it was still difficult,” Jarvis says. “You had to have the knowledge of how to put more than one application on a card and the cards were chip dependent.”

This new line aims to take the Secure Identity Object and place it anywhere. “Make it independent of the silicon,” Jarvis explains. “An identity object can sit on any card technology … it doesn’t even have to be a card, it could be on a mobile device and be communicated via an NFC reader.”

The SE platform is based on open standards to support an array of smart card technologies, including iCLASS, MIFARE, DESFire, EV1, Indala and others. Secure Identity Objects operate within HID’s Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) framework, which creates a secure and trusted boundary for cryptographic key delivery in access-control applications. The TIP framework ensures that portable credentials can be securely provisioned on credential platforms, including mobile devices, no matter where users are located or how they are connected.

Secure Identity Objects also ensure data authenticity and privacy. Data cloning is prevented by binding information to a specific credential for additional authentication and encryption on top of device-specific security. Such features enable the iCLASS SE platform to improve security in traditional card and reader applications while enabling new market opportunities for carrying secure portable credentials on smart phones and other devices. The new line also has some sustainability features that promote “green” efforts, Jarvis says. The readers have a power management features that limits energy consumption during non-peak usage times. “This can save up to 75% of energy consumption over standard readers,” he says, adding that the device can help contribute to LEED certification. HID Global’s next generation platform 13.56 MHz smart cards and readers include:

iCLASS SE Readers:

  • Feature multi-layered security with a tamper-proof design using EAL5+-certified secure element hardware to protect keys and cryptographic operations for additional data security. The field-programmable readers also feature energy-efficient intelligent power management and use recycled content to help build LEED credits.
  • Available in two configurations: iCLASS SE Readers and multiCLASS SE Readers that enable seamless migration by supporting multiple credential technologies including 125 kHz HID Prox, Indala, AWID and EM4102.

iCLASS SE Cards:

  • iCLASS SE Cards: available in 2k-bit, 16k-bit or 32k-bit versions. Users can add a magnetic stripe/bar code and anti-counterfeiting features including custom artwork and photo IDs.
  • iCLASS SE Clamshell Cards: feature an ABS shell construction for durability in harsh environments.
  • MIFARE SE Cards: use mutual authentication and data encryption with a 32-bit serial number, and feature securely separated sectors to allow complex applications and future expansion.
  • MIFARE DESFire SE Cards: available in PVC and Composite PET/PVC construction, they can accept an embedded contact chips for logical access and biometric ID systems.
iClass SE Readers
MultiClass SE Readers
iClass SE Clamshell
iClass SE Credentials
MiFare SE Cards
MiFare / Desfire SE Cards
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High Performance Biometric Solution in an Affordable Ready to Use Package
BAC In a Box is an affordable packaged biometric solution for secured access to residences, small businesses and enterprises. This package provides key access control components to have your security system fitted with the latest biometric technology quickly and effortlessly.

Features at a glance:

  • Configurations range from 2 Door kits to 4 Door kits
  • Security level up to Two-Factor Authentication • Biometric devices are IP65 rated, which allows for operating temperature ranges between -20°C to 65°C for 4G V-Flex Lite & 4G CR-Pass
  • Template capacity of 25,000 for 1:1 verification and 5,000 for 1:N identification
  • Log Capacity of 100,000 for all access control devices
  • IP connectivity
  • Easy administration with SecureAdmin Lite


BAC in a Box    
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French Certification For Multimodal Biometric Terminal
Best of both worlds - Integrates Vein with Exisitng Database

MorphoAccess VP, a multimodal physical access control terminal, has received its first authorization from the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés), France’s Data Protection Authority. This is the first time that a multimodal biometric device has been approved for access control in a workplace in France.


The Ultimate Solution for Security, Accuracy and Performance

  • Fusion of two complementary biometrics
  • Standalone desktop unit • Greatly improved accuracy in enrollment and identifi cation
  • Large scale databases
  • Innovative and universal biometric technology
  • Unequalled trade-off between security and comfort of use
  • Enhanced anti-spoofi ng capabilities
  • FBI PIV IQS certified
MorphoSmart FingerVP desktop series
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