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Evolving Management Solutions in South Africa .

ParkSol Guidance Range ems Centre Solutions University Refuge Column Range Local Vandal Intercom
ParkSol Guidance Range ems Centre Solutions Refuge Column SIP Intercom
Enhance your clients shopping experience with a simple, cost-effective and quick center upgrade of your existing infrastructure Staying ahead or keeping up with new retail outlets is normally costly and difficult to implement without major disruption to the center, here's how we recommend you do it Allows Universities to implement safe zones with simple ground preparation and local power Locally supplied face with Commend Internal ensure cost effective purchase with quality operation
Commend SIP Solutions ems Elevator Solutions Gallagher | Commend Integration  
SIP Short Reference Elevator Solutions ParkSol Guidance Range  
Interfacing simply and easily into any SIP environment with hardware and modules operating with standard SIP protocols IP & SIP 5 Way Elevator Solutions faturing control & rescue response communications The uniform user interface gives security staff convenient control of all functions and tasks to ensure life safety and secure property.  

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Commend Transport & InfrastructureCommend at a Glance From its founding in 1971, Commend grew from a small family business into a large, globally recognised player providing Integrated Intercom Systems. Today, our unique solutions are installed for the protection of people, buildings and assets throughout the world. Integration of Commend Intercom Solutions has been hugely successful in many industry sectors. Intercom stations, modules and servers for integration of speech, image and data can be found in control rooms throughout the world for increased security. For example, help and emergency call points for transport solutions, controlling barriers in car parks and controlling lifts in buildings. Our solutions can be found in iconic buildings including the Shard (UK), Mercury Tower (RUS); throughout the London Underground Network (UK); in universities and schools; in production facilities; refineries, airports; hospitals; car parks; tunnels and many more.

New ID5 Intercom New S6 Rack Server New S3 Server New Network Amplifier
ParkSol Guidance Range ParkSol Guidance Range S3 Server Commend AF250
The new ID5, Professional in every Situation, The first masterpiece in the new CONCERTO Station Series Designed as a powerful all-in-one Intercom appliance, the new S6 Server Series now brings to regular server rooms what used to be limited to specialized IT environments: the full spectrum of powerful VirtuoSIS technology, and more – in the form of a compact all-in-one hardware and software package. Designed as an ‘out-of-the-box’ server solution, the S3 manages up to 112 subscriber connections and offers the full range of high-performance features provided by Commend’s VirtuoSIS software Provides uncompromising reliable communication even in the harshest and most hazardous areas of your facilities
New Genetec Interface SIP Ceiling Mount Speaker SIP Horn Speaker SIP Projector Speaker
Commend Duetto
Commend Duetto with Genetec Omnicast: A Perfect Ensemble IP ceiling-fitted loudspeaker, designed specifically for installation in drywall ceilings and buildings (e. g., schools, conference rooms, hotels, etc.); Port for one Microphone e.g. MIC 480 (Microphone not included); Max. sound pressure: 105 dB. IP horn loudspeaker, designed specifically for Public Address in rough, industrial conditions (e. g., industrial sites, railway stations, etc.); Built-in electret microphone with automatic volume adjustment to ambient noise (IVC) and other functions; Max. sound pressure: 118 dB. IP projector loudspeaker, designed specifically for Public Address in buildings and halls (e. g., parking garages, exhibition halls, indoor event venues, etc.); Built-in electret microphone with automatic volume adjustment to ambient noise (IVC) and other functions; Max. sound pressure: 101 dB.
Commend Industrial EE8000 Commend Industrial Station EX7000 Commend Industrial Station 7000 series  
EE8000 EE7000 EE7000  
eries EE 8000 stations are designed specifically to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and dirt, and providing clearly intelligible audio communication even in areas with extreme ambient noise. Communication in hazardous areas, the Ex-proof stations Series EX 7000 have been developed with painstaking attention to the specific and demanding requirements for hazardous and explosive environments. Perfect Team Communication for Industry and Infrastructure, Equipped with powerful features the devices of the EE 7000 Series are designed specifically for the often equally rough conditions in industrial environments, from the manufacturing branch to the steel industry with its extreme blast-furnace temperatures.  

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ParkSol NavigationParkSol established in Lithuania 1994 and built from the ground up by information technology, engineering veterans and innovation enthusiasts all with a strong vision and passion for improving parking management and engineering services. UAB Arevita  delivers an extensive experience to guide and help businesses to effectively manage their parking lots and property. We embody our experience, professionalism and innovative mind into effortless parking management solutions.

ParkSol TOF Parking Guidance Sensor ParkSol Parking Guidance Parksol Parking Guidance With Analytics ParkSol Counting Controller
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ParkSol Remote Indicator ParkSol Repeater ParkSol Monitoring Software ParkSol Graphical Display
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ParkSol Gateway ParkSol Big LED Display    
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