hikvision – the Vision

Hikvision is an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency.

Although we use the cameras, our focus is primarily how they cam be used for parking and traffic based scenarios as well as the bespoke items for parking guidance.

its is to be hghlighted, that many of the cameras provided are IP based, ONVIF enabled. This allows a strategy for the multiuse of the camera image for not only parling but to provide views if esential activity. It is the multiuse of capture devices that makes the HikVision parking solution highly cost effective, where the parking images can be streamed from anywhere to the Parking Management Offices AND the Security Offices – simaltaneously and seamlessly without disruption of eithers activities, AND recorded centrally offering the potential to use the images activily.

With HikVisions Camera based parking solutions using Video Analytics we have a solution design for parking environments regardless of size.

We have 3 distinct offerings

Care Car

Installed with new or existing booms allows Retail Parks or Corporate Areas to have theft control without attendants.Navigator

This is an ANPR count, display and navigation solution for larger parking environments to have area or multi floor based solutions to offer clear navigation to visitors and segregated areas for tenants in multi-use environments.Foresight

This is all that navigator is but uses bespoke cameras to record and view up to 4 spaces each capturing activity (which can be sent to onsite FiFo recording) and vehicle number plate for control and billing if necessary.Occupation Mapping | Guiding to Empty Spots | Number Plate Recognition | Near Local Entrance Stacking | Improved Visitor Satisfaction | Analytics | Illegal Parking | Preferred Tenant or priority parking