Client focus is currently on manpower efficiencies and how their existing systems become more engaged and focussed on their business…

Now is the time to look at Commend and understand the power of audio.

Think about your last online meet, you remember, the one that the potential client couldn’t communicate properly because of poor bandwidth.. you remember what you both did..?? That’s right you cut the audio, cleared up the bandwidth and stared into each others eyes for the next 20 minutes – yes??
NO..?? – of course you didn’t, that would be crazy..!!

You cut the video because regardless of what is being said you can understand the words, their context and more importantly how they are being said..!!
The phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” is from someone who never had to “TALK” to another person, they were just talking about how beautiful a landscape could be…..

So what does audio bring to your current solutions – simple “Moving Pictures”

  • Why did the Silent Movies die..??
  • Silence is not golden
  • Without sound you don’t get the full picture
  • Silent movies – what did Charlie say..?? – Words complete the pictures
  • Moving pictures..?? Not moving without sound


  • Cameras are not enough
  • They can only show what is happening not what is being said
  • They cannot describe the situation – it requires interpretation
  • Only audio & video convey the true situation

Here’s how we integrate Commend with Milestone – with over 100 integrations, we have one for your system or as in South Africa – “We can make a plan…!!!

Intercom Solution By Commend Data networks enable the transmission of all kinds of data. For Intercom transmissions, Commend has developed a specific technology: IoIP®, short for Intercom over IP. A logical further development of the Voice over IP standard, IoIP® provides better 16kHz speech quality and higher data security and serves as the Commend standard for the professional integration of Intercom stations, control and display functions, networking of Intercom Servers, and especially for security and communication solutions.

Video Management by Milestone Milestone Systems is the world’s leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS) and its XProtect® VMS is used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide. XProtect® is easy to use, yet powerful software that is designed with open architecture. This means that all XProtect® products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other VMS manufacturer, giving you the freedom to mix and match hardware to your needs. 

System Requirement
Commend Intercom Server: GE 800, GE 300, IS 300 or VirtuoSIS Feature licence: Lx-PRO3U Intercom Server software: min. PRO 800 3.1 Configuration software: min. CCT 800 3.1 Interface licence: L-IF-MILEST 1) IP interface card: G8-IF / G3-IF/SIS-IF or GEP
Milestone XProtect® Server: Corporate, Expert, Enterprise or Professional Milestone Smart Client or similar
Network LAN network