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It’s playback time! Commend Pre-Recorded Audio Functionality

Automated welcome messages, time-controlled announcements or music feeds via Public Announcement systems: when it comes to routine Intercom tasks, the flexible, cost-efficient Pre-Recorded Audio capabilities of the Commend Intercom systems comes into its own.

All this is made possible by on-board memory modules, which come as a pre-installed standard feature on all Commend subscriber cards and selected interface cards.

It is these memory modules that can hold and provide the Intercom Server with up to 128 audio files, each in selectable quality (7 kHz or 16 kHz) and length (up to 900 seconds). On a maximally equipped Server with 14 cards, this means 1,792 files for up to 3 ½ hours of audio. Thanks to the user-friendly Commend CCT software, loading and administering this audio power is mere child’s play. This way, almost any system event, from alarms to call and ring tones, can be assigned its own acoustic identity.

This makes Commend Pre-Recorded Audio particularly effective for frequently used messages, announcements, advertising and music feeds, and many other applications. The Commend Servers support a variety of possible uses, which can easily be custom configured to meet individual needs. This includes particularly user supportive functions such as Location Messaging, which can sound out the original location of the call station (e.g. “Car Park Gate, West Entry”), for example when the call is forwarded to a mobile phone. Flexibility is also key when it comes to defining when and how audio playback should be initiated. Possible triggers for playback include specific system events (e.g. call forwarding) or a time setting (e.g. for looped playback of commercials).

Key Features

  • Great added value at minimum cost (standard feature of Commend Intercom Servers)
  • Suitable for any kind of voice, music and tone signal playback, including Public Announcement messages (e.g.call/alarm sounds, announcements, advertising and information messages, telephone system menus, etc.)
  • Reliable, secure data storage, thanks to latest flash technology
  • User-friendly software (Commend CCT) for easy loading and configuring of audio files via PC (WAV format, all sampling rates)
  • Playback can be based on time settings and system events
  • Easy playback triggering via external devices by means of OPC or Commend ICX interface
  • Supported by all Commend Intercom Server models (GE 300, IS 300, GE 800)
  • ber, the 4G V-Station looks likely to shake up the market. Contact ems to preorder on first shipment
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HID Global Previews Its World Class FARGO® HDP8500 Industrial Card Printer/Encoder








HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced it has expanded its card personalization portfolio with the introduction of its FARGO® HDP8500 Industrial Card Printer/Encoder, the industry’s highest capacity, rugged and most secure printing/encoding solution, at CARTES & IDentification 2011 in Paris, France.

Featuring the company’s fifth generation High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology, the new Industrial Series printer/encoder is a superior card personalization and issuance solution for extended-run, high throughput and high duty cycle requirements of government ID card programs, laborious service bureaus conditions, universities and large enterprises. The FARGO HDP8500 printer/encoder includes a 400-card total input capacity, the highest card input capacity in the market. This, combined with an industry-first graphical touch screen user interface, helps minimize operator intervention and maximize card yield per shift.
The high performance HDP8500 is built using solid metal cabinetry with precision-engineered interior components to provide greater resistance to parts fatigue, and is designed to work with the most durable consumables for long-life card provision in small and large government ID programs. For operational and issuance security, the printer is the first personalization solution in the market that has been architected for use within the HID Global Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP™) ecosystem, allowing it to process and generate Secure Identity Objects for enhanced system security and authentication where citizen privacy in government ID card projects and heightened

security in other card programs is a necessity.

“Our new Industrial Series HDP8500 card personalization solution is particularly well-suited for ID programs where high-capacity printing and encoding coupled with the highest levels of security and privacy is a top priority,” said Alan Fontanella, vice president of product marketing with HID Global. “Backed by HID Global’s 45 years of manufacturing excellence and featuring our High Definition Printing technology, the FARGO HDP8500 printer/encoder delivers the highest quality print images in addition to unparalleled reliability and performance.”


The printer includes a comprehensive set of additional security features such as operator PIN number access and multi-locking entry points for secure printing; AES 256 bit data encryption and resin ribbon data-erase functionality; and secure holographic lamination for lasting protection from fraud.

Additional Product Details

  • Dual, auto-switching 200-card input hoppers provide 400-card total input capacity, producing 1200 cards per shift; requires less user intervention during continuous card runs
  • Industrial air filtration system ensures a stable printing environment even in the harshest conditions
  • HID Global’s fifth generation High Definition Printing engine prints on a variety of card materials and sizes; prints crisp, high definition, over-the-edge images on technology cards
  • High durable holographic HDP consumables
  • Scalability with modular, field-upgradeable options
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty


HDP8500 Brochure
HDP8500 Specification
HDP8500 White Paper
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HID Global Continues Expansion of the World’s Most Advanced Portfolio of General-Purpose UHF Tags with Its New SlimFlex™ Tag

HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today introduced the latest addition to its portfolio of advanced, general-purpose UHF transponders, the SlimFlex™ tag. This innovative tag design enables more placement options for broadband UHF transponders, expanding the market potential with new applications for the tags and reinforcing the company’s commitment to leadership in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

“HID Global recognizes that UHF technology can vastly improve data collection speed and accuracy in RFID applications,” said Richard Aufreiter, director of product management for Identification Technologies with HID Global. “Now, the new SlimFlex tag will allow placement of UHF transponders where standard UHF hard tags fail, opening up new market opportunities for a broader range of applications and use cases for the tag.”

The tag’s unique thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) housing mounts securely on rounded or irregular surfaces, bending without negatively affecting tag performance.

The SlimFlex tag allows data to be read and written from distances up to 19.7 ft (6 m) when mounted to any wood or plastic surface. With its flexible housing, the tag conforms to surface contours and can be securely attached with industrial adhesives or screwed into place via pre-drilled holes. The tag’s UHF technology enables anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and password data protection for precise, reliable reading and updating of each tag’s 512-bit user memory.

SlimFlex tags are compliant with EPC global-certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules, and deliver broadband capability for worldwide operations. Availability SlimFlex tags are available immediately. Click here for more product information.


Slimflex Tag Brochure    
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