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Bioscript - HID Ready

L-1’s leading fingerprint capture algorithms are used to quickly capture quality images in high-volume civil applications such as border management checkpoints and background checks.

Learn more by asking about any of the products below.

4G FingerVein Station™

A powerful and flexible solution utilizing finger vein technology.

The 4G FingerVein Station is a full featured device utilizing industry leading finger vein technology and is built on the L-1 4G multi-biometric platform. Finger vein technology uses near-infrared light to gather biometric data resulting in consistent and accurate processing, making the solution ideal for many types of applications.

Features at a Glance: Full color LCD Screen Industry leading Finger Vein Sensor technology from Hitachi Largest template capacity in the industry (500,000 in 1:1) Powerful administration software Field replaceable sensors and more…

4G V-Flex Lite™

High performance solutions for strict budget requirements.

Slim and sleek, the 4G V-Flex Lite is designed to streamline installation and administration for enterprise or standalone door access control deployments. The 4G V-Flex Lite is the smallest biometric form-factor in the 4G product lineup, making it ideal for mullion or single gang mounting requirements. Also, this device is IP 65 rated allowing for indoor and outdoor capabilities.


Features at a glance: Template Storage Capacity (5,000 in 1:N; 25,000 in 1:1) IP Connectivity Compatible with 4G SecureControl I/O panel for additional security 500 DPI optical sensor


4G CR-Pass™

IP enabled 4G card reader device.

The 4G CR-Pass (Card Reader) is ideal for organizations that require a mix of biometric and non-biometric devices and still want the convenience for all devices to be managed on the same network via a common administrative software application


Features at a glance: Integrated Card Reader Simple administration with SecureAdmin Lite™ Designed for mixed biometric and non-biometric reader environments Embedded device with IP Connectivity with optional PoE IP 65 rated allowing for indoor and outdoor capabilities

4G SecureControl™

Maintain security and streamline the installation process.

4G SecureControl is an input/output door control module that is designed to be used in combination with 4G V-Flex Lite and 4G CR-Pass. The module is placed on the secure side of a door and adds security for single door access applications.

Features at a glance: • Designed to work with 4G V-Flex Lite and 4G CR Pass • IP connectivity • Simple door and device Administration with SecureAdmin Lite™ • Adds more security to Edge Standalone Door Access Control (SDAC) deployments • Control 2 doors with a single 4G SecureControl Device (2 readers per door – 4 devices total)

4G V-Station Models™

Respond to your security challenges with proven solutions.

L-1 Enterprise Access Solutions continues to deliver best in class multi-factor authentication for a variety of Industries. Our Solutions accommodate moderate to EXTREME outdoor weather conditions. Our 4G V-Station devices include large template capacity, multiple sensor options, integrated PIN pad, wireless capabilities and more.



Features at a Glance: Full color LCD Screen Integrated PIN Pad Largest template capacity in the industry (500,000 in 1:1) Powerful administration software Field replaceable sensors and more…


4G V-Flex Models™

Meet your security goals with compact devices that fit in your space and budget.

L-1 Enterprise Access Solutions continues to deliver innovative and flexible solutions for a wide range of organizations. From small, medium to large institutions, our V-Flex models are built to accommodate size, resource constraints and different security requirements.



Features at a Glance:. Large Template Storage Capacity (10,000 in 1:N; 500,000 in 1:1) Field Replaceable Sensors Standalone Door Access Control (SDAC) Capabilities Remote Device Management IP Connectivity (LAN, WAN, POE enabled) Backwards Compatible and more…


4G Government Credentialing Solutions™

Revolutionary solutions for PIV and TWIC

L-1 Enterprise Access Solutions unveils NEW Fingerprint authentication solutions for PIV and TWIC. The revolutionary products have been designed from the ground up to meet PIV and TWIC requirements utilizing our powerful 4G platform.




Features at a Glance IP 65 Rated for the Most Extreme Environments Including Severe Downpours, Ice and Snow Lumidigm Sensor for Consistent Outdoor Authentication Capabilities Identify users Consistently with Wet, Greasy, Severely Dry, and Many Cut or Damaged Fingers Wide Temperature Range for Sub-zero Climates and the Hottest Desert (-25 to +70 C) -13° to +158°F Biometric Verification with both PIV and TWIC Credentials Supports Standard MIFARE and DESfire Cards TPK Retrieval Capabilities at the Reader PKI Enabled Authentication Options Advanced Authentication Options for PIV and TWIC TWIC ICE Approved

Adding In The Technology


So we are starting the replacement cycle again??

In the last month ems has added :-

  • Fingervein from BioScrypt
  • Fingervein from Morpho
  • Face Recognition from BioScrypt

Whilst this improves our offering, what about the guys who have bought into the previous fingerprint upgrade cycle that began with the MA200 7 years ago??

You may have forgotten that whilst all arouind us was advocating TOTAL replacement, that is you last system is RUBBISH! that you needed to throw it away as you were very silly to have bought it! we were preaching to ANYONE who would listen that o9ld is good, new is different, but not always BETTER!


Our approach has always been, and will always be: -


So as it was with our card customer

They had: -

Card based access control

We said: -

Add biometrics to the main points of interest


Now those same customers

Have: -

Biometrics on cards, with biometrics for T&A with main daily register on entering site, with card readers on control doors

They can add: -

BioScrypt, Fingervein or Face solutions for the control points where staff may not have fingerprints or security is compromised





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