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Commend - Security in focus: Glasgow City Council

A cultural and touristic hub such as Glasgow – Scotland’s largest city with a population of more than 600,000 and 3 million visiting tourists every year – imposes extreme demands and very specific requirements where security and communication in its public areas are concerned. As a result, there is a wide range of areas and environments that are served by the help points and emergency call stations of the Commend solution that the Glasgow City Council selected to help them keep the city safe with a minimum of police intervention.

The list of challenges is very long indeed: networked, fail-safe call lines; emergency connections; vandal-resistant and noise-proof call stations; integrated action force radio communication, and many other features – all centrally networked and managed as part of the city’s ‘Nite Zones’ security programme… These are the kind of challenges that would cause most Intercom systems to quit their public service.

For the Commend City Intercom solution in Glasgow (and similar solutions in cities around the world), these are precisely the challenges where their proven features and capabilities really come into their own.

More details about the Commend solution in the service of Glaswegians and tourists is available for download as a PDF file in English and German.

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Pole Dancers Use Their Fingers

Fingerprinting strippers just the start

"So the strippers of Niagara Falls have their knickers in a knot about getting fingerprinted.

Hands off our pinkies, they cry.

The police reply: No prints, no pole dance licence.

Same will go for cabbies, bus drivers and anyone else renewing city licences — even if they don’t pole dance.

Keeps out the riff-raff.

The bylaw awaits a vote by Niagara Regional Council. “This is absolutely outrageous, discriminatory and insulting,” says stripper spokesman Tim Lambrinos. “Will the police be demanding fingerprints from women obtaining health cards or driver’s licences?” Well, yes, probably sooner than you think. “This is the best method we have found for proving someone’s identity,” Det.-Sgt. Craig Labaune tells our Tom Godfrey.

So get used to it, Bambi, Fifi, Star, Tiffani and Candi. Fingerprint and other kinds of physical trait ID — biometrics — will become the norm. It’s not science fiction. It’s not Mission Impossible. It’s now.

Privacy? If you have no blood on your hands, so to speak, why worry? Biometrics are just a high-tech means to our eternal quest — stop the bad guys. Major Canadian airports already have iris readers, for folks who want to fast-track through customs. Eventually, “e-gates” will replace security, too. Which would you prefer? A fingerprint reader and a face recognition screen? Or a big, hairy guy named Burt patting you down? All those who picked Burt, form a line over there. Way over there. I’ll feel better about getting on a plane if I know every passenger’s face, fingerprint and iris have passed muster.

Plus, think of all the perverts, punks, thugs, thieves and general scum that biometrics could put out of business. This is no small potatoes. India has begun taking fingerprints and scanning irises of each of its 1.2 billion people. Israel plans the same, but with prints and facial scans.

Meanwhile, Facebook has a new and controversial face-recognition function for tagging photos. Elsewhere, there’s an advertising screen that changes depending on the faces looking at it. For instance, if kids walk by, it switches to an ice cream ad.

Shiraz Kapadia tells me. He’s COO at the Markham office of Bioscrypt, which has sold 600,000 fingerprint readers around the world. It’s true. When Jack London said “book ‘em, Danno,” and they rolled your fingers in ink, you felt lower than a snake. Take away the stigma — the new print readers don’t use ink — and you’re left with a built-in access card. Your own pinky.

There are drawbacks - A few people don’t have fingerprints, including some bricklayers, chemo patients and poison ivy victims. And madly-typing columnists. Do not tell the crooks, but it also is possible to file off your prints. Worse, in Malaysia in 2005, carjackers sliced off the index finger of a Mercedes owner for use on the auto’s security system. I am happy to report new print readers check for pulse — and some identify you by your distinctive vein pattern. Still queasy? Then smile for the 3-D face identifier. At Bioscrypt, that’s how staffers come and go. The machine tells me to piss off, in so many words. It’s cool, frankly. Groovy, as we used to say when keys were king. Imagine a world with no ID cards, no fobs, no SIN numbers, no passwords, no pockets full of key-rings. A world of James Bonds and Ethan Hunts.

So give us a finger, as it were, Destiny Dawn. And smile for the camera."

Copyright Acknowledged

"http://www.torontosun.com/2011/11/08/strobel-fingerprinting-strippers-just-the-start "

Mike Strobel’s column runs Wednesday to Friday, and Sunday. mike.strobel@sunmedia.ca, 416-947-2265 or twitter.com/strobelsun Strobel’s collection, Bad Girls — And Other Perils, is available in bookstores, online or by calling the Toronto Sun News Research Centre at 416-947-2258 or toll-free 1-877-624-1463.

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Adding In The Technology


So we are starting the replacement cycle again??

In the last month ems has added :-

  • Fingervein from BioScrypt
  • Fingervein from Morpho
  • Face Recognition from BioScrypt

Whilst this improves our offering, what about the guys who have bought into the previous fingerprint upgrade cycle that began with the MA200 7 years ago??

You may have forgotten that whilst all arouind us was advocating TOTAL replacement, that is you last system is RUBBISH! that you needed to throw it away as you were very silly to have bought it! we were preaching to ANYONE who would listen that o9ld is good, new is different, but not always BETTER!


Our approach has always been, and will always be: -


So as it was with our card customer

They had: -

Card based access control

We said: -

Add biometrics to the main points of interest


Now those same customers

Have: -

Biometrics on cards, with biometrics for T&A with main daily register on entering site, with card readers on control doors

They can add: -

BioScrypt, Fingervein or Face solutions for the control points where staff may not have fingerprints or security is compromised





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