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Commend - The Conductor

CONDUCTOR – The new Control Desk Solution by Commend

The CONDUCTOR from Commend is the key to professional Central Intercom Management.

The CONDUCTOR from Commend is the key to professional Central Intercom Management.

  • Design symphony in three movements: Stylish, High-Quality, Innovative
  • Setting the tone for intuitive ease of use and mobility at the control desk
  • Intercom 2.0 in perfect unison: Full modularity and perfect integration of external systems

Perfect Intercom management with new CONDUCTOR Control Desk by Commend

Conducting an orchestra requires a lot of well-balanced control, coordination and effort. Things are much easier for ‘conductors’ of Commend Intercom solutions. CONDUCTOR, Commend’s latest Control Desk solution, makes the harmonious coordination of communication and control components mere child’s play.

Perfect Intercom management at your fingertips

The CONDUCTOR solution was developed specifically to raise the concept of central Intercom system management and control to new levels of performance and user friendliness – providing features such as:

Full central control with full direct access over any distance:

  • Audio, video, security and monitoring lines
  • Barriers, blinds, doors, building management equipment, and much more
  • Perfect overview with video imaging on CONDUCTOR touch display and call stations
  • Commend Quality benefits: excellent audio quality, superior materials and manufacturing, proven high reliability and durability
  • Individual scalability, thanks to powerful, freely combinable basic and extension modules for Intercom Management 'made to measure':
  • Large range of accessories, e.g. handset, gooseneck microphone, and much more
  • Direct dialling for instant access to functions and call numbers, with up to 104 programmable buttons (each fitted with a multi-colour status LED)
  • Audio/Video Intercom management: full video integration, call forwarding, announcements, Group Calls, All Calls, etc.

The new Control Desk Solution CONDUCTOR SIMPLICITY in concert with POWER.

  • Direct control and integration of external systems, such as CCTV/video solutions, Public Address systems, mobile radio, etc. via standard interfaces and protocols (e.g. OPC, SIP, TETRA)
  • Ultimate ease of use with touch screen module and latest graphical visualisation and control software that put all features and functions right at the operator's fingertips
  • Timeless high-quality design of the Control Desk console, which adapts easily to any ergonomic requirements; comes in different versions for fixed and desktop installation

Full freedom of movement with the world's first Mobile Intercom Client

With this brand-new Commend Intercom technology, leaving the stationary Control Desk is no longer a problem. Operators can easily switch to a mobile device such as a mobile telephone or tablet computer to take the Control Desk along with them.


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Asure ID® 7 Upgrade Promotion



Current Asure ID® Solo customers can expand their card personalization capabilities by upgrading to Asure ID Express or Enterprise, and for a limited time get $150 off!

Promotion Break-Down The promotion will reduce the purchase price for upgrades from Asure ID Solo to Asure ID Express and Enterprise by $150. For Example: The partner will receive their usual 50% discount first ($600 to $300), and then a $150 credit will be applied to the $300. The end result will be a purchase price of $150.




AsureID Promo    
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Migration - What is it and why its best to do now?


HID are OPEN SOURCE products. There are many sources of supply, pricing is always consistant and NOT subject to proprietary readers manufacturers TWISTY ARMS THING

So we are starting the replacement cycle again??

We use the term migration to represent a move from (usually) an older or less secure technology to a newer or more secure one.

Usually it’s a move

from 125kHz systems to a 13.56Mhz solution,

but many are also moving from

older 13.56Mhz solutions like Mifare Classic to newer, more secure ones like iClass SE-

HID Migration - Prox Operation

  • Reads ALL HID 125kHz Prox credential formats e.g.
    • H10301 (26-bit)
    • H10304 (HID 37-bit with facility code)
    • H10302 (HID 37-bit tracked ID)
    • Proprietary formats (any bit length)
    • Corporate 1000 (end-user 35-bit format)
    • Choose the Clock & Data output option if using HID C&D cards (H10320)

HID Migration - RFid Operation

  • Reads ALL HID 125kHz Prox credential formats e.g.
    • iCLASS
    • Mifare Classic
    • Mifare DESfire EV1

HID Migration - RFid OR Prox Operation

  • The SAME reader can read
    • iCLASS SE
    • Mifare Classic SE
    • Mifare DESfire EV1 SE
    • HID 125kHz Prox (any format)
    • Indala 125kHz Prox (26-bit standard or “L” custom formats)
    • EM4102 125kHz Prox
    • AWID 125kHz Prox (any format)


Retain your access control - add intelligent HID reader

simple - logical - sensible


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At NO Extra Cost - Commend Digital Voice Recorder

Audio recording with G8-VOIPREC

The G8-VOIPREC is a solid state Digital Voice Recorder (DVR). It is fully integrated within the Commend IP Server architecture. This powerful Linux-based plug-in card option is maintenance-free and needs no external connections or wiring.


  • Evidential quality audio recording for use in Interview Rooms such as Airport Customs and Immigration, in Prisons and in Police Stations.
  • Emergency Situation Audio recording for Lifts, Car Parks and other vulnerable areas.
  • Documentation and quality assurance at call centres.
  • Conversation and Conference recording for businesses and banks.
  • Recording of just about all Control Room Operator conversations and activities.

Even more possibilities

  • Recording of conversations, conferences, collective and group calls (OpenDuplex®, Duplex, Simplex).

More security

  • Use of a proprietary encryption mechanism ensures secure, tamper-proof recording.

More audio quality

  • Various audio bandwidths are converted to excellent sounding 7 kHz audio quality and stored electronically.


32 recording channels per Intercom Server

  • Up to 8 independent channels per card for simultaneous recording
  • Up to 4 cards per IP Intercom Server GE 800 (up to 32 recording channels per server)
  • Up to 2 cards per IP Intercom Server GE 300 (up to 16 recording channels per server)

55 hours of recorded audio within the Intercom Server

Up to 55 hours of recorded audio per card is written to and stored on a 2GB Compact Flash card and can optionally be transferred to a FTP Server/NAS for unlimited audio data storage.

Web Interface

Remote access via web-based interface for playback of files in the audio database and for one-click file backup. Recordings can be exported as wave (.WAV) files, protected against accidental deletion, and have comments added to them, if needed.

More attention

Recording can be event-controlled (i.e. triggered by specific acoustic events during Audio Monitoring) and will start even before a manual alarm can be sounded.


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