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Commend - Wireless over DECT: Communication Freedom

The number of applications served by Commend Intercom 2.0 solutions is growing – and so are individual project requirements and installation conditions. Where Intercom terminals are needed, data cables, for example, are not always available or desired.

This is where the new Commend Wireless Intercom solution opens up new possibilities. Enabling full wireless capabilities for all digital Commend call stations, it reduces the installation effort to simply attaching the terminals to where they are needed. Apart from a simple power connection, this means no cables, no dirt, no high construction costs

This means clear advantages for easy retro-fitting of call stations, and the ability to install remote add-on stations as and when needed.

This new freedom from the need for cables is the key into the world of Intercom 2.0 for all those areas where cable-based installations are not an option: historical buildings (e.g. museums) for example, industrial facilities, but also locations where temporary Intercom installations are required (e.g. large-scale construction sites, festivals, etc).

Key features of the Commend Wireless Intercom solution:

  • Wireless operation of Intercom stations – saves effort, dirt and costs
  • Installs (and deinstalls) extremely quickly and easily for ultimate flexibility
  • Excellent 7 kHz Intercom speech quality
  • Reliable, interference-free connections and excellent speech quality, thanks to proven DECT technology (Wireless Intercom over DECT)
  • Connection range: up to 300 m outdoors; up to 50 m indoors
  • Supports integration of digital Commend Intercom stations, inputs/outputs and access control modules
  • Wide range of applications: e.g. emergency help points for parks, parking lots, Public Address facilities for listed buildings with building restrictions, temporary installations for construction sites, sports and leisure venues, and many more
  • Suitable for rough environments and extreme weather conditions (–40°C/–40F to +60°C/140F)
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HID - Australian Government Employs Technologies from HID Global to Increase Safety, Security and Productivity


HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced its RFID technology has been deployed as part of Relegen’s asset intelligence solution – assetDNA™ – at the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The solution has been adopted by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service as their Arms Inventory Management System to help them achieve real-time tracking of their extensive armory.

The solution combines next-generation software and intelligent multi-layer tags, and the asset tagging component of the Arms Inventory Management System utilizes HID Global’s Logi Tag® and IN Tag solutions, as well as DataTraceDNA®, covert security technology from DataDot Technology Ltd. With the new Arms Inventory Management System, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is currently managing approximately 6,000 weapons and personal defense equipment that are geographically-dispersed among 37 land-based and 11 vessel armories.

“Our ten plus years experience at a mission-critical level with the Australian Defense Force prepared us well to deliver the comprehensive asset tracking solution Customs and Border Protection requires,” said Paul Bennett, managing director with Relegen. “In this case, the ability to connect thousands of real-world assets with corporate information and give Customs and Border Protection’s Central Office an accurate and real-time view was dependent on reliable tags that could withstand the rigors of daily use in extreme conditions. That is why we partnered with HID Global on this important project.”

“In addition to reliability, HID Global offers one of the broadest portfolios of RFID tags for asset tracking,” said Marie-Francoise Glotz, vice president of Identification Technologies with HID Global. “Relegen was able to analyze performance and durability requirements and select the most appropriate tag for each unique asset type. This asset intelligence technology solution provides a model for any organization managing operation-critical assets in routine or emergency response situations.”

Delivering benefits beyond tracking weapons and personal defense equipment, the new Relegen solution with HID Global technology enables the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to better protect the safety of their officers, improve security around the issuance and receipt of armory and improve staff productivity. Security features ensure assets are issued and received by officers with appropriate training and authority, and data-driven audit trails provide accurate records of who received what and when. The solution’s lifecycle management capabilities track individual assets as they move through defined business processes and flag items that are due for inspection, maintenance and replacement. Administration staff also spends less time completing audits and compiling reports for Customs and Border Protection’s Central Office, enabling the Central Office to swiftly make critical decisions based on the latest information at hand.


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