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The Card is your ID!!

iCLASS cards are currently available with 2k bit, 16k, and 32k bit memory capacities, and depending on the amount of memory available and the number of memory areas, iCLASS cards can serve as multi-application credentials that can be used for many purposes.

Since the memory can securely store any kind of information, applications for iCLASS include biometrics, secure computer/network authentication, health record management, time and attendance, digital cash (cafeteria & vending) and many, many more.


All iCLASS Credentials Feature: -

  • iCLASS credentials come as cards, tags, and keys.
  • 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology, providing high-speed, reliable communications with superior data integrity.
  • The ability to store biometric templates and useful data using read/write capabilities.
  • Communications between card and reader that include high security with mutual authentication, encrypted data transfer, and 64-bit diversified keys for read/write.
  • Advanced key management systems to reduce the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards.
  • Supports all existing HID card formats, including Corporate 1000.
  • The ability to factory or field* program any existing HID format into the secure HID access control application area.
  • A choice of 2k bits (256 Bytes), 16k bits (2k Bytes) or 32k bits (4k Bytes) memory capacity.
  • Lifetime warranty provided for all iCLASS credentials!

The iCLASS chip not only stores HID access control information, it also has memory space available for other applications.


See iClass Card Chart
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ems PartnerProgram - Papercut MF


PaperCut MF is the easy way to automatically monitor and manage copying and printing in your organization, giving you control over your costs and environmental impact. PaperCut MF intercepts print jobs on the print server and analyzes them, applying rules to enforce your print policies.

Top 10 Reasons to use PaperCut MF

  1. Cut Waste and Your Carbon Footprint Encourage responsible printing with PaperCut MF quotas and print policies, cutting paper and toner costs and power usage. At-a-glance reporting on CO2 and carbon emissions – by CO2 volume or by tree – shows the impact.
  2. Apply Print Policies Enterprise-Wide With PaperCut MF, printing requests are intercepted at the print server to control jobs according to policies that encourage or enforce good behavior. Use job filtering or advanced scripting (JavaScript) to implement policies and improve device utilization. For example you might route large jobs to dedicated high-speed printers, display popups to ask end users to confirm single sided output, automatically delete print jobs with incorrect paper sizes or suggest an alternative printer when a device is offline.
  3. Offer Driverless Web Printing Simplify printing with Web Print, a unique PaperCut MF feature that allows end users to print wirelessly from laptops and netbooks with no driver installation or server authentication. Web Print is fully integrated into PaperCut MF’s standard print charging/accounting/quota process.
  4. Enable Find-Me / Secure Print Release PaperCut MF protects confidential documents and slashes the volume of unclaimed printouts by ensuring users release print jobs at the point of printing. With Find-Me printing, users queue print jobs to a virtual queue, and then release them for printing on a specific printer. Secure Print Release requires user authentication before printing, ensuring that only authorized users can print and collect sensitive documents. PaperCut MF can also be configured to require print approval, ensuring managers, teachers or sys admins authorize the printing of any job.
  5. Control costs with simple account, bill or charge for every copy, print, scan and fax
  6. Manage copiers printers and users from a streamlined web interface
  7. Report usage and costs per page, by user, device and function
  8. Access devices via login, account code or ID/access card
  9. Enforce responsible use using rules, limits and auto-notifications
  10. Secure confidential documents and release anywhere


PaperCut MF - Top Ten
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ems PartnerProgram - Jarrison Time


Jarrison Time ™ is the answer to all your time & attendance needs!

Years of experience and enthusiasm have resulted in our high-quality Software

So the offer is

Buy a BioScrypt reader + Jarrison Time and Attendance software

And if it is less than 50 employees you will get the first years annual licence fee free


free?? Yes free! Really?? Yes Really Really Really free!!, free!! Yes free as a bird!!


Saves you time preparing your payroll

Effortless calculation and record keeping of your employees’ time sheets. The custom report creator and secure SQL database allow for speedy and confident day-to-day operations. With Jarrison Time’s comprehensive and sophisticated daily and periodic shift rules and custom formulae, virtually any shift condition and calculation can be catered for.

Control access in and around your premises

Connecting directly to biometric hardware enables Jarrison Time ™ to provide secure access control functionality. Limiting certain employees to different entry points at different times is done easily.

Manage visitors

Allow security guards to enrol visitors by capturing their details (Photo, fingerprints, id documents etc), then optionally printing an indemnity form with their credentials. Visitors can be assigned access through certain entry points at certain times. This information is saved in Jarrison Time ™ for easy activation at their next visit.

Reports can be emailed to you automatically

Create and select any report to be emailed at any given time for any group of employees. Ideal for a daily absentee list sent to each supervisor for each shift.


Innovative, high-quality, comprehensive time and attendance software.


Jarrison Time
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