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Remember the good old days when you said

"We need a front end software product to bind all the site security products together"

Although they still exist (infact our Commend ConWin platform can integrate many security components at a single location), businesses are now looking to feed data to storage and receive the reports in a more homogenized and focused structure.

This is where the sea change is happening. We do not have to produce isolated legacy software solutions, instead we can allow companies big databasing solutions to receive our information and package it for instant assessment and action.

No longer a sad lonely printer, sitting in the basement, like a paper driven troll,spewing paper at every event that occurs in the bright world above it!!

So we use the companies existing reporting structure and in many instances use the companies HR and the connect IT Active Directory functions to enroll and centrally limit their areas of access into the physical as well as data world. What about connectivity??

Many of our products are American, and as such the cabling

Although we do have hundreds of products that support panel / RS485 / PC Server installations, we have complimentary IP driven products that match their performance and because of their connection method offer simpler, quicker and hence more profitable method of installation.


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