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FAQ's - Crescendo

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Crescendo Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to install drivers for the smart card reader?

The HID OMNIKEY USB smart card reader supports the default Microsoft CCID reader drivers. On Windows these drivers are installed automatically when you insert the reader. You can also use the native drivers. These drivers provide higher performance and provide greater stability under certain versions of Windows.

2. How do I install the Native Smart Card Drivers?

a. Locate the native driver from the HID Omnikey support page here.
b. Download the software and run the installer.
c. Click next and the new driver will be installed. The result will be as followed:

3. How can I distinguish the C200 from the C700 card?

On the back of your evaluation card, in the top left corner, there is a line of text. It will state the type of card.

4. How do I install the mini-driver for the Crescendo C200?

a. Ensure that Microsoft Base CSP is installed
b. Locate the mini-driver from the HID Crescendo support page here
c. Download the correct mini-driver and extract the file to your desktop
d. Right click on the “hidcrdm.inf” file and select “Install

5. How can I check of the Microsoft Smart Card Base CSP is installed?

The Microsoft Smart Card Base CSP is required to use the C200 card on Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003. This is not required on Microsoft Vista or newer operating systems. In Windows 2000, XP, or 2003, there is a simple test to determine if the Base CSP has been installed. To test if it is installed, choose "Run" from the start menu. Enter "pintool.exe" and click OK. If the Microsoft Smart Card Base CSP is installed, the Pintool application will start up. if not, install the Microsoft Smart Card Base CSP from the Microsoft support site.

6. How do I install the middleware for the Crescendo C700?

a. Locate the middleware from the HID Crescendo support page here
b. Run the exe file to start the install process for the middleware

7. What is the difference between the RaakSign middleware and the SafeSign middleware?

Previous middleware version was called RaakSign. Download the latest version of the middleware (SafeSign) here.

8. I am being asked for the PIN of the card. What is the PIN?

The PIN serves to authenticate the user to the Crescendo smart card.

a. On the C700 the default PIN is "12345" and the default PUK is “12345678”
b. On the C200 the default PIN is "0000" or “12345678” and the default Administrative Key is “000000000000000000000000” (i.e. 24 “0”)

9. How can I change the PIN code on my C200 card?

Using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008:

To change your PIN on a C200 Crescendo card, hit Control, Alt, and Delete keys to open up the Windows logon screen. Select “Change Password” → Select “Other Credentials” → Select “Smart Card”

Using Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP:

To change your PIN on a C200 Crescendo contact smart card, go to Start --> Run --> and type Pintool.exe. Use the PIN tool to change your PIN.

10. How can I change the PIN code on my C700 card?

To change your PIN on a C700 Crescendo contact smart card, go to Start --> Programs --> SafeSign Standard --> Token Administration. Select Token from the menu then select Change PIN.

11. What if the Crescendo C700 smart card is blocked?

If you have entered the wrong PIN more than 3 times, the Crescendo C700 smart card will lock. You will need the smart card PUK to unblock the card. By default the Crescendo C700 evaluation card has the PUK "12345678" .

a. Open the Token Administration Utility
b. Under the "Token" Menu, select "Unblock PIN" and enter your PUK.

If you are using the C700 with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) or ILM 2007, and you have checked the "Administrative PIN Rollover" feature in the card profile, the PUK will have been changed and you will need to use FIM or ILM to unblock the PIN.

12. Do I need to initialize the Crescendo smart card?

No. Both the C700 and C200 cards comes pre-initialized and ready to use with the HID Crescendo evaluation server and is carrying a demo certificate.

13. Does the Crescendo C700 smart card support Windows Vista™, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008?

Yes, the Crescendo C700 smart card and the middleware are compatible with all of the latest Microsoft operating systems.

14. Can the Crescendo smart card in the Evaluation Kit be tested with my physical access control system?

In most cases, you should be able to test the card with your physical access control system. The type of card included in the Evaluation Kit is noted on the front label of the box and contains either iCLASS with HID Prox or MIFARE with HID Prox. Provided that you have physical access control readers that use the technology that is noted, you should be able to test the card with your physical access control system.

For iCLASS and Prox cards, the card number that is programmed into the contactless portion of the card is printed on the back side of the card. This is the 26-bit “H10301” HID format, with site code 1. MIFARE cards are shipped un-programmed.

15. Can I re-use this smart card within Microsoft ILM 2007 or FIM 2010?

Yes, but make sure that you have retired this smart card from use first, and that the smart card profile allows for the re-use of a smart card?.

16. Why is no middleware needed with the Terminal Server demonstration?

Middleware is needed, but it runs on the server. Windows® and the Remote Desktop Application transport the smart card session to the server, so to the middleware it looks as if the smart card reader is attached to the server itself.

17. Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) 6 does not work

Previous versions of the Crescendo middleware did not support RDPv6. The current version of the Crescendo middleware has addressed this issue. Please download the latest version of the middleware (SafeSign).

18. How do I get Crescendo working for log-on on my own Microsoft network?

Download the Crescendo Integration Guide for detailed instructions


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