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FAQ's - Smart Card

Smart Frequently Asked Questions

1. 1. What types of smart card credentials does HID offer?

HID offers cards in several combinations. HID's offering includes:

Proximity (125kHz) that can be embedded with a contact smart chip module (1397 Smart ISOProx II) Proximity (125kHz) with a magnetic stripe, that can be embedded with a contact smart chip module (1398 Smart DuoProx II) MIFARE (13.56) contactless smart chip module that can be embedded with a contact smart chip (1430 HID MIFARE card) Proximity (125kHz) with MIFARE (13.56) that can be embedded with a contact smart chip (1431 HID Proximity and MIFARE card)

2. Does HID offer a combination proximity card with contact smart chip module?

Yes. HID can provide you with a proximity card with embedded smart chip. HID's Smart ISOProx II card is an example.

3. Tell me a little bit about your smart card offering.

HID has the ability to provide you with a proximity card with a contact and/or contactless smart chip. We work with a number of chip manufacturers including Gemplus, Schlumberger, Infineon, BUL, Atmel, ST, and Phillips. We also have relationships with a number of application software providers that can assist you in meeting your needs.

4. I want to put a smart chip on my proximity card, and would like to know what I can use that smart chip for.

There are many applications for a smart chip. Most common uses are:upon:

a. PC Secure Log-On / Network Access
b. e-Purse (vending, transit, cafeteria, bookstore, etc.)
c. Employee Information (name, address, health records, social security number, etc.)

Based on the applications that are of interest to you, consider investing in a flexible chip and operating system that would allow you to use these applications at some future time. HID can help you make a recommendation.

5. I am interested in getting a smart chip on my HID proximity access card. How much will it cost?

There are a number of factors that will affect the investment you make in a smart card. Note: We have seen end-user prices range from approximately $8.00 to $25.00 dependent upon:

a. The type of chip required (the larger the chip size and the more complex the chip, the higher the cost)
b. Requirements for custom artwork on the card (the more the artwork, the higher the cost).
c. Requirements for magnetic stripes, debitek stripes, signature panels, etc.

Most common would be a card in the $10.00 to $18.00 range at the end-user level.

6. I have been working with a smart card provider. However, I want to put the chip on my building access card. Can you help me?

Yes. No matter what stage in the card design process you are at, HID can work with you to provide the best one-card technology solution.

7. I know which smart chip, operating software, and application software is required. However, I have been told that this is proprietary information andthat HID cannot purchase a finished card. Is this true?

There are some providers of smart chips, operating software, and/or application software that make these types of statements. Often the information is true. However, it is often possible for HID to find a means to deliver a completed card. HID's industry leadership has enabled technical partnerships with many of the major smart chip providers.

8. Do you sell smart card readers and application software?

At this time, HID offers a 13.56 MHz contactless MIFARE reader. At present, HID is not offering a contact smart card reader. Depending upon your needs, HID works with a number of organizations that are uniquely positioned to provide you with application software and a variety of contact smart card readers. By understanding your smart card application, we can assist you in identifying a possible software provider. HID's expertise is in providing you with the single card; we assist you in finding experts in other required areas.

9. Can you print a photo id on the front of a card with a contact smart chip?

Yes. We would suggest that you considering using a dye sublimation printer that is specifically designed for this purpose. Such printers are available from major manufacturers such as Fargo, DataCard, Eltron, etc.

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10. I still have questions - what do I do to get more information?

Technical Support
Telephone: (011) 274 6665


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