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Simple ID


SimpleID software unlocks the power of the most advanced access control hardware currently available in the industry: IP card and fingerprint readers. By combining the unique benefits of the new generation readers with the user-friendly graphic interface, SimpleID provides an ideal solution for IT-driven security projects.

Intuitive software interface.
Our SimpleID software follows natural workflow of installers and users. All software controls are intuitively placed, so that an operator could to start using the program without any training, as if it were a standard office application, such as a web browser or an e-mail client. The intuitive design helps to reduce the number of support calls, the need to send your technicians to manufacturers' training sessions and organize seminars for end-users.
Easy-to-understand graphics.
SimpleID is enriched with clear graphic icons and animation to make it easy for an operator to evaluate the situation and control all devices effortlessly.
Worry-free use.
Database clean-up and backup is performed automatically on a regular basis. Software upgrades take just a one click to perform.
Integration with major manufacturers.
SimpleID software supports IP readers & controllers of the leading manufacturers: HID Global, Suprema Inc & Mercury Security Corp.
Impressive expansion potential.
Start a system from just one IP reader with free software and expand it to a system with thousands of readers. There are no unexpected upgrade charges or expensive master controllers.
Multilingual interface.
SimpleID already supports several languages and allows operators to switch between them on the fly. Adding a new language to SimpleID takes less than 2 hours, including the time needed for translation.
Tree solutions in one package.
SimpleID conveniently allows to manage access control, alarm monitoring and time & attendance tasks.


Minimal training requirements for end-user Minimal training requirements for technicians Minimum maintenance Minimal installation costs Maximum profit for distributors and installers This set of 5 M's provides tangible benefits for security installers, dealers and integrators who seek competitive advantages in the security market. Copyright notice:

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