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L1 Biometrics - 3D Face Recognition
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3D Facial Recognition Technology

Advanced 3D machine vision technology.

The core capabilities of L-1 3D face reader solutions are achieved with advanced 3D machine vision technology. Machine vision is perfectly suited for facial recognition and the enterprise access division of L-1 has developed a suite of industry leading solutions around this core capability.

The need for a facial recognition system, which is both accurate and non-intrusive, has been sharply increased by wide scale public demand for more effective security and monitoring systems. Additionally there are new incentives to invest in security infrastructure by government, law enforcement agencies and corporations.

Core Technology

Face recognition technology from the L-1 Enterprise Access Division enables the real-time capture of three-dimensional images of a subject’s face. The unique features of the subject’s cranio-facial structure are extracted and stored as a biometric template for automated human recognition. The method can be used either in identification or in verification.

3D See How It Works


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