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L1 Biometrics - FastPass


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3D FastPass™ Face Reader

Access control made fast, effortless, and secure.

Provide employees with high-speed access to your offices and restricted areas. L-1 3D face reader solutions and the 3D FastPass increase security while maintaining high throughput for access into buildings, making the process effortless for employees.

You can have the peace of mind of knowing only authorized personnel can access restricted areas containing vulnerable computer equipment and confidential documents. Our solution offers:

Superior Matching Engine

  • Authenticate users in under a second
  • Differentiate between identical twins
  • Accurate matching using 40,000 data points

User Friendly

  • Hands-free access for the ultimate in convenience
  • 4-inch color LCD screen to aid in user positioning
  • Customizable voice prompts

Easy Installation

  • Embedded Platform with built in processing and biometric matching right on the device
  • Designed for the future of access control – IP capability means less cables and components to install
  • Interface directly to existing access control panels and card readers using Wiegand, RS232, RS422 or RS485 interfaces

Support for Large User Bases

  • Handle a high volume of traffic in order to authenticate thousands of employees as they start a new shift
  • Store up to 60,000 templates in the database for verification
  • Log 100,000 events for audit trails

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Ability to work with cards, PINs and biometrics for the ideal balance between convenience and security


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