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FlexSmart® MI/DESFire® 13.56 Mhz


HID's experience in developing card technologies, combined with a massive global installed base of users, positions them to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology.

Whether you are looking to implement MIFARE technology for many applications of your enterprise, or just looking for a MIFARE reader to add access control functionality to your existing MIFARE cards, HID can accommodate your needs.Applications include access control (contactless and biometric) as well as diverse applications such as e-commerce, public transportation, toll road, airline ticketing and medical record acquisition.

MIFARE® HID Format Secure Reader - 6075 Interchangeable Bezel Design - Mullion or Wall Switch
DESFire Custom Reader 6077 Interchangeable Bezel Design - Mullion or Wall Switch
MIFARE® Custom Reader 6076 Interchangeable Bezel Design - Mullion or Wall Switch
DESFire Custom Reader 6073 Heavy Duty Wall Switch Keypad
MIFARE Custom Reader 6072 Wall Switch Keypad - Read Only
MIFARE HID Secure Format Keypad Reader 6071 Wall Switch Read Only Keypad


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