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HID Indala 125kHz - Credentials


High-quality Indala Proximity Readers deliver outstanding and consistent performance with intelligent programming technology, uniform core modules, and a range of stylish bezel designs. Indala proximity readers are available in Wave, Curve, Arch, and Linear styles in a variety of colors for the ultimate choice.

Exclusive FlexSecur® Security Technology All HID Indala 125 kHz Proximity Readers feature FlexSecur® technology, which provides an added level of access control system security through a verification process at the reader. Unique to the HID Indala product line, FlexSecur® screens out unauthorized cards prior to sending card data to the host system.

Indala Mid-Range Readers 610 125 kHz Proximity
Indala Keypad Reader FP506/507 125 kHz Proximity Wall Switch
Indala Classic Readers 603 125kHz Proximity Mullion or Wall Switch
Indala Long-Range Reader 620 125 kHz Proximity
Indala Legacy ASR-505 125 kHz Proximity Wall Switch
Indala Legacy ASR-503 125 kHz Proximity Mullion


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