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Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007
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Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM 2007) is a policy and workflow driven solution that helps organizations manage the lifecycle of digital certificates and smart cards.

Working seamlessly with Windows® Server™ Certificate Authority and Active Directory®, ILM 2007 enables organizations to cost-effectively and efficiently deploy, configure, manage, maintain, and audit smart card-based infrastructures.

Organizations are increasingly realizing that user names and passwords may not be strong enough to maintain their required level of logical access security. Passwords can be cracked and do not offer any real "proof of identity". Therefore, hackers get in, audit trails cannot be trusted, and business is at risk. The use of smart cards in conjunction with ILM 2007 increases security through strong, multi-factor authentication technology.

Available from HID, Crescendo™ smart cards work seamlessly with Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007.

HID's Crescendo smart cards support both ILM 2007 and physical access control systems with a single card.

Request An Evaluation Kit2
To test the Crescendo smart cards with Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007, request an Evaluation Kit from ems. Your kit will contain:

  1. A Crescendo series smart card that is compatible with ILM 2007 and your contactless physical access control system3.
  2. A USB-connected, desktop smart card reader optimized for use with the Crescendo smart card and ILM 2007.
  3. Instructions and a link to access the latest software that works in conjunction with ILM 2007.
  4. Access to the HID Crescendo Evaluation Site, where you can try out your Crescendo smart card with several applications.

Learn More About HID's Crescendo Series Smart Cards
Contact HID to learn more about or to order Crescendo smart cards that are compatible with both Microsoft's Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 and your physical access control system3.

Learn more about Microsoft's Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM 2007)
Learn more about Microsoft's Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM 2007) at (Identity Lifecycle Management Solution Page) or (ILM 2007 Product Page).

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