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HID - BioClass

bioCLASS is the newest member of HID's iCLASS family of products:

The iCLASS RWKL550 read/write contactless smart card reader with keypad and LCD display.

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The bioCLASS RWKLB575 read/write contactless smart card reader with keypad, LCD display, and fingerprint biometric verification.

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The bioCLASS BIO500 fingerprint biometric verification module addition that can be used to field upgrade existing keypad readers with LCD display (RWKL550)

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Using 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, these iCLASS products provide users with new options for supporting multi-authentication of identity. Combine a contactless card presentation with a fingerprint biometric. Or, use a personal identification number (PIN) number along with a contactless card presentation.

The bioCLASS products provide three levels of fingerprint verification. During the enrollment process, the RWKLB575 is connected to your PC via a USB port. The software will guide the user to place their finger on the sensor. The fingerprint template is collected at the unit and immediately transferred to the card. During this enrollment process, the fingerprint template is stored ONLY on the card; it is never transmitted to an external host. During verification at the door, the LCD graphical display will assist the user with instructions about finger placement on the biometric sensor.

Benefits of these new products include:

  • The products' unique modular design provides a high level of flexibility.
  • The finger pad at the bottom center of the biometric unit offers ease-of-use for either right or left-handed individuals.
  • The location of the finger pad is compliant with ADA standards.
  • Field upgrade from the keypad with LCD display (RWKL550) to a biometric solution cost-effectively and with no downtime.
User function keys and LCD screen directs users to proper usage and finger placement.

Fingerprint templates are stored on the iCLASS card and not in the reader. This results in:
  • Increased security
  • Faster throughput
  • Easier system management
  • Lower costs for the biometric reader
  • Reduced concerns over individual privacy
Choose the level of security that meets your needs.
  • Card and PIN
  • Card and fingerprint
  • Card, PIN, and fingerprint

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