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Optimized to make physical access control more powerful, iCLASS 13.56 read/write contactless smart card technology provides versatile interoperability and supports multiple applications such as biometric authentication, cashless vending and PC log on security.

iCLASS smart cards and readers make access control more powerful, more versatile, and most important of all, offers enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication. At the same time, iCLASS is user-friendly, delivering the convenience, affordability and reliability of proximity technology for which HID is known worldwide.

Imagine an affordable, single-card, contactless solution that allows you to not only read data securely and quickly, but also to securely write data to the card, for many applications. You have imagined iCLASS, by HID.

iCLASS Meets Industry Standards

The development team at the Identification Technology Group of ASSA ABLOY has utilized advanced semiconductor technology based on the 13.56 MHz frequency to meet numerous ISO standards. iCLASS readers can read data from cards compliant with the following standards:

  • ISO 15693 - read/write; 2kbits (256Bytes) and 16kbits (2kBytes)
  • ISO 14443, Type A - read only; MIFARE® (serial number)
  • ISO 14443, Type B2 - read/write; 16kbits (2kBytes)

Meeting the standards above is important in smart card technology because they enable many equipment and application developers to work with this technology to create a broader range of uses for the card.

iCLASS Meets Government Standards

HID supports FIPS 201 PIV (Personal Identification Verification). Fully compliant iCLASS contactless smart card readers are available to output the FASC-N (Federal Agency Smart Credential Number) in multiple configurations, providing the versatility to support both existing and new access control systems. Standard communication protocols make it easy to replace existing access control card readers with HID FIPS 201 compliant card readers. For more information, please email your request and complete information to govtinfo@hidcorp.com.

iCLASS Offers Advanced Security

iCLASS cards and readers offer several unique features that put it a step ahead of traditional radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. These features include:

  • Cryptographic data storage
  • Mutual authentication
  • Secure reading and writing of data
  • User definable access keys

All radio frequency data transmission between the card and reader is encrypted using a secure algorithm. By using industry standard encryption techniques, iCLASS reduces the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards. For even higher security, card data may also be protected with DES or triple DES encryption.

Click to download the full PDF brochure (Introducing the iClass)
Click to download the full PDF brochure (Smart card guide)
Click to download the full PDF brochure(iClass Brochure)
Click to download the full PDF brochure(Reference guide)

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