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FCP Visitor Logging: - A change in perceptions

Perceptions are what we deal in. Clients do not buy products they invest in businesses. Their perceptions, to the exclusion of almost everything else, dictate whom they deal with and ultimately whom they buy from.

Everyone has clients and potential clients, at every moment, they creates perceptions, some good, and some bad.

How do you want your business to be perceived?

You've chased the client. Having done all the hard groundwork, placed questions in their fertile minds, offered solutions, they are ready, a visit your offices will surely land this client, you're ready to solidify their perceptions, surely nothing can go wrong! Think for a moment . . .

  • How will they be greeted?
  • Will it be a smooth process?
  • Will you recognise them?
  • Will you remember their first names?
  • How could other staff greet them?

The Electronic Welcome Mat

At reception your client will gain a huge amount of information about the control of your business and your attention to detail. The client will now apply what you have told to all elements of his visit. FCP Visitor Logging can help as follows: -

Visitors arrive at the reception desk, we know they are coming and we know whom they are seeing.

We record LIVE what they say, we record how they behave, and we take a still database image, scan their ID document and produce a badge that clearly displays their name and destination.

With the client labelled, everyone knows who they are seeing, staff can greet this visitor and direct them, all in the meeting are now on first name terms, business is "suddenly" easier!

  • Simple and intuitive in operation
  • Uploaded site file with all staff members connected via drop down box
  • Expiry date @ standard 1 day with optional extension
  • Bar Coded ID input enabling "right first time" input
  • Search on bar code input database enabling fast procedural completion of previously entered clients
  • Single or batch label printing
  • Daily record of site entrances
  • Optional client definable screen with logo and corporate colours
  • Printing adhesive indentifiers enable the recognition of visitors "at a glance"
  • Creates smooth administration of visitors
  • Total visitors processed search
  • Transaction exported as AVI file
  • Repeatable records of reception staff performance
  • Makes the right impression - every time!


FCP Visitor Logging comprises USB camera and application software that will operate on any Windows™ Operating System from 98 2 nd Edition to XP, and is available as: -

  • Configuration Install on Existing PC with Software pack (Incl. Camera, Manual and installation instructions)
  • Integrated Supply with FCP Visitor Logging Capture Container comprising software pack, 15" Flat screen display, processor, RAM, 80Gb HDD, Bar Code Reader, keyboard & mouse, label printer and pack of labels.


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