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A Versatile Finger Print Processing Unit

  • High quality optic sensor
  • A microcontroller for the coding, 1:1 authentication and 1:n identification
  • Reinforced cryptographic security
  • RS 232 or USB
  • The MORPHOSMART 350 comes equipped with a Smart Card reader PC/SC (format ISO), and is contained in a casing which is similar to other models.

Using the experience gleaned in the field of fingerprint recognition SAGEM developped the MORPHOSMART, which is part of its biometric terminal range. This technology not only covers the systems AFIS but also the peripherals and sensors.
The sensor MSO 300X and MSO 350X can perform applications which are both diverse and varied :

  • Resident Records (identity cards, immigration, voting systems, access control, ...).
  • Identity verification (an addition to all types of transaction terminals , PC, payment terminals, cash machines, ...) welfare payments, access control to a computer or network, electronic commerce...

SAGEM Algorithms :
The MORPHOSMART has 2 resident software components with an intergrated SAGEM algorithm :

  • The MORPHOIMAGING optimises the quality of the image during the capture and the preprocessing
  • The embedded MORPHOSOFT carries out all the necessary functions, from the extraction of the characteristic points of the print to its authentication or its identification.

The MORPHOSMART family :
The MORPHOSMART MSO 300 & 350 are designed to extract the characteristic points of a print,and to carry out the verification and the identification, using an internal data base managed by the MSO. The two devices are equipped with a LED which guides and informs the users of the progress of the operation. A software development kit (SDK MORPHOSMART) enables the development of all types of PC applications.

The MORPHOSMART 300X is the secured version of the MSO 300. It combines, within one device, the biometric technology and the public key infrasture PKI to offer a totally secure solution of authentication.

The MORPHOSMART MSO 350 comes equipped with a Smart Card reader PC/SC (format ISO),and is contained in a casing which is similar to other models.

The added security layer of the standard MSO resolves the problem of data integrity control and it also protects private data. The MSO 300S is compatible with the certificates X509.

The certification path and the private keys are loaded into the MSO by a secured structure issued by the key management system (KMS). All biometric data is encapsulated within the biometric structure X9.84.

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