About Us

Established in 1997

We are a value added distributor with the accumulated knowledge to assist clients in clarifying their vision for instant | medium | long terms goals with as little capital waste as possible.

We will provide a free assessment of the problem areas and recommend solutions that can be costed by our dealers, or that can be put out to tender to ensuring that the problem will equal the solution

Onto this framework our channel partners and dealers benefit from the unique compliment of technologies we offer them and end users.

We offer top-down consulting and down up product delivery from our select group of dealers and Channel Partners World class solutions from world class companies, with communication and identity management being the core of solutions…

History is important but we believe it is how you write it.

Across Africa you will find local dealers who are guaranteed to deliver our vision – how?? Because IT communication has allowed a better / cheaper and more dynamic support structure that ensures your vision as a customer is met “regardless” of how that vision may change.

We offer comprehensive training to our dealers but will assist the commissioning of your site, to ensure all functions as expected, exceeding your goals.

For Corporates and Universities, we ensure that the maximum “bang for your buck” is achieved maximizing budget to relieve pinch points and address immediate needs, competently, with an eye on the future.

The convergence of RFID, Smart Cards and Biometrics technology means that EMS ‘ product offering will continue to evolve to smarter, better and more financially viable solutions.