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Commend products and solutions are long term investments, because they can be expanded and upgraded.

All of these industry sectors require absolute dependability in a variety of situations. Exceptional quality, state of the art design, reliability, commitment to longevity and product development, ensures that a Commend Intercom solution is a lifetime investment in communication and is why we remain the preferred choice among our customers. Our passion is your safety and security.

Is your CCTV missing Commend ONVIF-S audio tracks..??

Is your system missing context..?? We can help make words important again, call us to add audio to your video because

REAL movies have Audio


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Connect your Commend solutions with other systems of leading manufacturer.

From Video Management, Access Control, Public Address to Security Suites.


In security and communication systems, it is essential that different systems work together. Constantly exchanging data, video and audio streams, these systems utilise their full potential in well-coordinated interplay to provide perfectly integrated solutions for operators and users.

Commend products and solutions are long term investments, because they can be expanded and upgraded.

The Nelson Mandela Speech That Changed The World
– Click to play video, then read >>>

Would it have made a difference if we just thought he looked sincere..??
The guy at the back is very pleased to be there… AND agrees with Nelson…
He nods, she is very stern…

After all this IS an important moment and this an important speech, one that changed the world…

It’s a pity we cannot hear it, but listen longer, when the audio arrives the impact is felt, the facial expression now conveys the impact of the words, context is created, and all is understood…
We see the words described on his face…
We hear the sentiments, they are believable, the pictures NOW have clarity AND context, all is understood

So you need to ask yourself…

“Is my CCTV missing Commend ONVIF-S audio tracks..??”

“Is my site control missing context..??”

We can help make words important again, call us to add audio to your video because clearly

REAL movies have Audio KNOW MORE


Many of the integrations pass I/O’s between servers and if the integration also has video, offers the capture of the audio stream if those base units are ONVIF capable.

For clarity let us look at how we deal with MileStone. Specific details on Commend to MileStone integrations can be seen below, but you should also check out and view:-

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Milestone to Commend XProtect Interface

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